A friendship is forever,
if a friend is true.
They must be by your side,
no matter what you go through.

They listen to your problems
and try to help you out,
and tell you what you need to know,
even if they have to shout.

They’ll never leave your side
when you ask them to stay,
and no matter what the hour,
they’re just a phone call away.

They’re there to wipe your tears,
even if you cry the Nile,
and any type of frown they
can turn into a smile.

Even with all your troubles,
they can fill your life with joy,
and help you to get over
the rejection of a boy.

They’ll stay up till early morning
just so you two can talk,
and when you need to think things out,
they’ll go with you for a walk.

You see, a good friend will be there
no matter what you do.
Dear friend, I am this friend, and
more. To you I will be true.

Let our friendship be like a circle,
for circles are forever; they have no end
and that is precisely how long
I would like to be your friend.


by Nafisha